Peru and Brasil Adventures with Tim Wehrle

Peru and Brasil Adventures

With Tim Wehrle

We love beautiful places and people who have the ”Living the moment” mentality. That’s why we choose to work with Tim Wehrle. Young Photographer and Filmmaker from Germany, whose work is full of passion and known for creating high-quality unique content for international clients capturing rare moments from unique living experiences and adventurous traveling, having been featured on The Telegraph, The Huffington Post and on Photokina, the world’s biggest photography trade fair. All this secured Tim a verification on his Instagram account as well as an ongoing sponsorship from Canon Germany for more than 2 years.

- Meet Tim -

Why did you visit Peru and Brasil?

To me, Brasil is one of those countries I just can’t get enough of. I’ve already been there five times, nevertheless, whenever I leave I try to plan my return.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no other country that comes with such a diversity in culture, ethnics and nature. Traveling through Brazil, it’s a completely normal thing to walk by the tallest and fancy skyscrapers, decayed favelas, dry deserts, endless jungles or long deserted beaches. In Rio, the big city life happens surrounded by huge mountains – such as the famous Sugar Loaf and Corcovado with Christ the Redeemer on top – and the ocean. Rio is known as one of the most fascinating places on earth for a reason: The coexistence of people and nature, which both have so many facets. Eventually I got the opportunity to overfly the city with an open helicopter and the impact this experience had on me is indescribable. You just fall in love with the place.

Traveling through Peru on the other hand, has been on my bucket list for several years now. Machu Picchu may be the center of Peru’s tourism but I must say that there are by far cooler things to see. We’ve been accommodated in a small house in Huacachina – an oasis that’s surrounded by nothing but sand dunes.

It was beyond impressive staying in the small Oasis „Huacachina“ next to the 100m big sand dunes and an endless desert.

After discovering the Peruvian desert, a one hour flight took us to the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world. The highest peak has a hight of almost 7000m. Accordingly, the difference of altitudes from one city to another is just crazy.

 We started off in Lima and made our way down to Huacachina, an oasis located close to Ica. After that, we caught a flight up to Cusco where we explored the high lands as well as Machu Picchu. A week passed and we decided to visit Marcos family in Trujillo, where I’ve seen nothing but locals for a change. From there on, I got sick and decided to cut this trip short and visit my girlfriend in São Paulo and rest for a while. With that being said, I rebooked my flight to Brazil. Luckily, I made friends with a steward who I met in Huacachina, who somehow was able to upgrade my flight to Business Class which also falls under the category of unpredictable of the trip.

Any special moments from the trip?

The most impressive moment of the whole trip was definitely the open door Helicopter flight above Rio de Janeiro. I mean only visiting Rio is so insanely beautiful: Clear, steel blue water, white beaches, mountains and insanely beautiful sunsets with lots of Caipirinha. But overflying a city like that is beyond everything you can imagine.

We took off at around 5 pm, so the sun started to set immediately behind us. We flew towards the Corcovado & Sugar Loaf which were lit up on fire due to the beautiful orange tone of the sun and surrounded by a few small orange and pink clouds with the blue ocean in the background. Now imagine you stand outside on a skid of the helicopter, right beneath your feet, there’s basically most famous statue and you watch the sunset from there.

Which symbol motivated you the most during your adventure and why?


Personally, I think the earth symbol motivates me the most during my adventures. Actually the earth bracelet is the one which I still wear today because it kind of reminds me of how small we actually are in this world and how much there’s to see and explore.

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